SINGLES / IL BOSCO - Bridge Theory EP
SINGLES / IL BOSCO - Bridge Theory EP
Il Bosco - Bridge Theory EP
Il Bosco

Il Bosco is back on wax!
Better late than never - this one's been in the mixer, the blender and on the shelf for months if not years!
The Red Laser masterblaster comes very correct collaborating along the way with Manc label comrades Metrodome & Starion.
Mind melding synth jizz is combined with electro chicanery & spicy dub aesthetics.
100% rave tested from Manchester to Berlin to Anglesey.
Limited to 150!  Hand stamped labels and ‘theory insert’ from Il Bosco. 

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1. Bridge Theory ( Il Bosco & Metrodome Mix ) - Il Bosco

2. We Apologise For The Long Delays - Il Bosco

3. Bridge Theory - Il Bosco

4. Hot Car, Ugly Driver - Il Bosco feat. Metrodome & Starion

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