LeonxLeon - LeonxLeon EP1
RL22 | 12" | £7.00

LeonxLeon is Red Laser’s man in Paris & an integral member of the infamous Les Yeux Orange collective.

After dropping several tracks for the collectable Red Laser EPs LeonxLeon exports four monster jams melding metallic disco with slo-mo italo & breezy electro-funk.

‘Beefcake’ comes up with electroid percussive beats & stabbing synths before settling into a tightly wound groove punctuated by boogie-esque trims & details.

The tempo is dropped down for ‘I Am After All’ Produced alongside manctalo hero Kid Machine it has all the recognisable hallmarks. A growling bass bumps up against italo-noir keys providing a deeply satisfying nugget of chuggers paradise.

‘My Solar Brass’ skips around the floor working an uplifting groove equally suitable for both sunset & sunrise.

Finally ‘The Train Tracks', included on the hard to find Red Laser EP5, is remixed by LeonxLeon’s Parisian comrade Al Dente.  The original is worked up into a higher pitch & brightened finding new emotions amongst the highly pumped elements.

Limited to 150 copies with hand stamped labels in neon colours & in textured grey card sleeves.

click tracklist to listen

1. My Solar Brass - LeonxLeon

2. I Am After All - LeonxLeon & Kid Machine

3. Beefcake - LeonxLeon

4. The Train Tracks / Al Dente Remix - LeonxLeon

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