Ste Spandex - EP2
RL11 | 12" | £8.50
Ste Spandex

Red Laser returns with four tracks from Ste Spandex.
Limited to 50 copies with wrap around sleeve & pvc cover. 

If you’ve heard any Ste Spandex productions you’ll know what to expect. The EP is a fascinating collision of diverse dance music aesthetics & bristles with energy and passion.

As usual all the tracks are live takes with various hardware working overtime from Ste’s orchestration.

Side 1 features two tracks with long time collaborator Sarah Bates.
Soaking Wet is a peak time workout with tightly sprung drums, whirling effects & Sarah’s vocals weaved enticingly throughout the track.  Next is Breakin My Heart ,an addictive bubbler melding house and boogie feelings with the vocals more centre stage.

Side 2 kicks off with Gotta Move, an 80’sesque grinder. Pumped bass rubs up against squelched keys and peaky synth riffs.  Nice Weather closes things down, a short and sweet movement of shuffling drums and swerving synth action.

click tracklist to listen

1. Soaking Wet feat. Sarah Bates

2. Breakin My Heart feat. Sarah Bates

3. Gotta Move

4. Nice Weather

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