Kid Machine - Red Planet EP
6th Jan '16 - Kid Machine Mix & Valerie
Limited to 45 copies. Comes with riso print wrap around poster in pvc sleeve.

There’s been an emerging UK Synth scene for a few years now with vinyl labels like Cyberdance, Flight Recorder and Red Laser pushing the sound onto vinyl pretty much alone in the UK. Defiant against the odds, there resilience is now coming to fruition as it finally seems the scene is exploding inspiring new generations of Synth Disco lovers to create labels or parties based on the European output of the scene.

An artist that has been associated with all said labels that has been riding the wave even when it was a mere ripple is Kid Machine. Kid Machine’s ear for amazing simplicity and slick production has seen him carve his own unique style. His sound has a crossover quality that has acted as the catalyst for the UK Synth scene’s explosion.

He has had various tracks released on Red Laser and his first solo album on Cyberdance early this year drew critical acclaim.
This Mars themed Red Planet EP for hometown Manchester label Red Laser Records is classic Kid Machine material. 4 tracks of atom crushing slo mo disco darkness creating hazy semi real dreams of isolation and paranoia on the red planets vast emptiness. The first track alone ‘Invasion’ is a dance floor soundsmash to rival any recent disco chug. The story continues with the quicker pace and acerbic tones of ‘Rulers of the Red Planet’. ‘Martian Emotion’ drifts more towards ‘beautiful space ballad’ and finally the grand finale to the story of this EP is the dark and foreboding John Carpenteresque ‘Last Day On Mars’. The track completes a journey in sound so well accomplished it will have you feeling like you just watched a 3 hour sci-fi epic inside your mind!

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1. Invasion - Kid Machine

2. Rulers Of The Red Planet - Kid Machine

3. Martian Emotion - Kid Machine

4. Last Day On Mars - Kid Machine

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