Red Laser Disco - Red Laser EP 3
SOLD OUT | 12"
5th Jan '16 - New All Vinyl Il Bosco Mix
Red Laser Records Part 3 and the best one yet !

The mysterious lord of Italo hooks up with Il Bosco. Simple and dark bassline with haunting lasers creates the bubbling imagery of a journey through Manchester at night. Where are we heading? To the fukin disco mate. How we getting there? In Il Bosco's 10 year old Ford Focus with the fat system G. Why is underside all crumpled? Cos DJ Emerald beached it in Tib Street car park. Windows down on a summers night? No they’re broken you fuck.

Kid Machine rocks the quickest shit I ever heard him make with this Italo Electro Disco smasher. The title track to a film score that doesn’t exist. This Sci-Fi thriller gives bass line collectors there monies worth and the beats are heavy but my favourite thing about this recording is the glittering euphoric interludes that appear twice in the track and make the whole composition complete. His strongest stuff yet

Yes Yes Yes Starion returns with another cosmic italo disco bubbler. It’s the soundtrack to a film set thousands of years in the future about a motherfukin pimpin robot called Night Flanger. He makes sure all those fembots flaps and undercarriages are maintained and well lubricated when he’s on a night out drinking diesel and smoking aluminium

Dum dum dum dum da dum dum dum da dum dum dum. Da da dum dum dum dum da da da da da da da dum da dum dum dum. Too hot to handle. Too cold to hold. Boogie electro funk jam from Il Bosco. A chopped up rare as fuck record. Can you find out what it is? Probably. If you do and you know how to contact the artist let us know.We tried but it’s so obscure we can’t find Mr T. And no.. not the plane fearing, neck metal collector from the A Team.

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1. Manctalo - Flemming Dalum & Il Bosco

2. Black Futura - Kid Machine

3. Night Flanger - Starion

4. Il Bosco - Dirty Girl

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