Ste Spandex - EP1
RL03 | 12" | £7.50
Ste Spandex

New release on Red Laser Records.
Limited to 300. black vinyl with wrap around printed inner & pvc sleeve.

Ste Spandex has been developing his production style over the last few years and is unique among producers. He wasn’t happy just sat in front of a computer. What works for Ste is an interactive workspace. He has an understanding about the space in which you create can have an effect on what you create and he has found his own way by amassing all kinds of hardware resulting in a unique studio setup. A place where he can move and dance while twisting knobs and sliding channels, punching drum pads and playing synths with his feet. All his tracks are live takes, often straight to VHS and rarely edited afterwards. This kind of makes the tracks more special with a capture-the-magic ethos and punk-ish approach.

Following tracks featured on both Red Laser Records initial E.Ps Spandex drops his first debut release...

'Big Fat Tuck' is a fantastical electro journey jam that takes you by the antenna and launches you high above the disco grid for a bird’s-eye view of the party below. In true Spandex style heavy synths and acidic percussion drive the disco but somehow this track still keeps you feeling warm with its soulful endeavour. Anyway, enough of the bullshit poetic imagery, this is a fukin cracker of a track. No shit!

Next an analogue chug bomb with 'Beatin My Time'. This simmering synth soup bubbles erratically until it finds its four four stride and marches you onto the dance floor. Great low slung base and south central LA synth lead will have you reaching for the hydraulics in your imaginary soft top Cadillac.

As far as anthems go you right now can’t get more anthemic house than 'Piano V2'. This manctalo piano house belter is sure to blow the roof off any and every decent party this year. You can already feel the Mediterranean sun on your face seconds into its phasing piano hook. It’s as catchy as the nuro virus but with added “SICK”! This big dose of early 90’s tinged rave classicism will keep you smiling for the full eight minutes and with sore cheeks as a result.

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1. Big Fat Tuck

2. Beatin My Time

3. Piano V2

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