Red Laser Disco - Red Laser EP2
SOLD OUT | 12"
5th Jan '16 - New All Vinyl Il Bosco Mix

Red Laser Records returns !
Back with more Manctalo for your craving souls.

The EP is once again limited to 300 and comes on red vinyl with a printed wrap arround inner & pvc sleeve.

First in is a beat heavy analogue chug rework of the rare and weird Italo 7” “I Am Your Master”  by the mysterious Italo connoisseur Savino DJ and DJ Peet Need based in Holland. The arpeggiating bass line digs a circular trench that gets deeper as the track marches on until you end up stuck on an island with a strange creepy midget man. Music that blurs the line between disco dreams and nightmares

Starion is back for more on EP2. How will he make a heavier track than EP1’s 'Another Dimension' ? By making 'Darkstar'. Analogue Manctalo Chug at its finest. Big bass line, big synth chords, big vocoder action. You couldn’t get more ‘dark disco electronic’ if you went clubbing with Daleks and the Cybermen were DJing. Just like Kid Machine, Starion has a great knack for making arrangement and production look easy (Which It aint).
Watch this space Manctalo heads. Starion is going to make some waves Laird Hamilton would be scared of in 2013.

On EP1 Ste Spandex dropped a great Boogie number with Sarah Bates. This time however is more ‘mutating worm like acid wriggler’. 'Edit IV' is a relentless percussive onslaught that seems to scrape any MDMA residue trapped in your veins and gets it circulating again. This means you can get ‘off your napper’ without spending money on drugs. This is a bit of a taste of what’s to come on Ste Spandex’s own Red Laser 12” which drops a week or two after EP2 and is choc full of amazing productions.

Finally Kid Machine does it again! 'Pegasus' is so dark and heavy it’s like holding a black hole in the palm of your hand and gives the feeling of a retro --future, sci-fi horror score. This really takes you to another place with its atmospheric soundscape. Stimulating the imagination to conjure a murky neon lit future.

The future is dark, brilliantly dark ! 


click tracklist to listen

1. I Am Your Master (Savino DJ & DJ Peet Need Remix) - DJ Bert & Eagle

2. Darkstar - Starion

3. Edit IV - Ste Spandex

4. Pegasus - Kid Machine

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