ALBUMS / DOM THOMAS - Dreams Of San Antonio Double Vinyl
ALBUMS / DOM THOMAS - Dreams Of San Antonio Double Vinyl
Dom Thomas - Dreams Of San Antonio Double Vinyl
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Dom Thomas
A double vinyl edition of "Dreams of San Antonio" vinyl album featuring full versions of a selection of 13 tracks from the mix CD released earlier this summer.
'Dreams Of San Antonio' is an alternative version of the Balearic sound and takes in fantastical genres like Bongo Rock, Acid Disco, Psych Reggae and Far Flung Folk.

The term 'Balearic' when attributed to musical style often leaves the most ardent music aficiandos scratching their heads in a confused sweat. Attempting to sum up an infinite set of sounds from disparate backgrounds and eras is no easy task. The original manifesto of what makes something 'Balearic' is a loose definition : there are no rules, anything is everything if you keep under 122BPM.
Dom Thomas embarks on his fourth Brutal Music sonic adventure, celebrating the ambiguity of the genre to craft a sublime personal journey through his own skewed vision of the Balearic sound. A fantasy trip through Balearic Beat, Bongo Rock, Acid Disco and Far Flung Folk. A misty-eyed look back to the embrionic days of Pacha and Cafe del Mar married with dreamy images of Barbet Schroeder's 69 Ibizian paean 'More'.

Dom provides several tracks including dubbed up, smudged and tweaked takes on some deeply psyched-out balearica alongside some essential productions cherry picked from his collection.

Surely not to be missed are the early seventies canadian pop hit "Ani Kuni" by Madeline Chartrand, a rocking electric sitar driven, glam'd up version of a native american folk song.
Nora Dean's beguiling "Angie La La", a highly unusual blend of reggae and psychedelia released as the flip to a URoy track on Treasure Isle in the 80's.
Unpretentious French hippie-folk by ilous & Decuyper taken from their classic 1971 album, sounding reminiscent of Crosby Stills & Nash or pastoral early Pink Floyd.
Mark Fry's "Mandolin Man", a rare mystical acid-folk production from 1972 originally only released in Italy.


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1. Ani Kuni - Madeline Chartrand

2. L'Elu - Ilous et Decuyper

3. Batacada Clap - Dom Thomas

4. Angie La La - Nora Dean

5. The Immigrant - The Jeronimo Brothers

6. Dueling Drums - Bad Heir