Il Bosco - EP1
SOLD OUT | 12"
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Il Bosco

The first release from Il Bosco aka Christian Wood aka Woody aka Crowhead aka Nudge !

A man of many names he’s been part of the fabric of Manchester club-land for many years. Resident dj at Fat City’s infamous Friends and Family night & produced for Grand Central and Aim’s Atic Records during the noughties.
After a couple of years hiatus he’s back out of the studio with four tracks and taking a new direction. The tempo is up and a mutation of old school rave, italo, house and electro is in the offing.

‘Mearsk’ get things rolling with a crisp breakbeat and swollen bass before riding on an italo-house piano riff and four to the floor beats. Add a deftly flipped Max Romeo vocal sample and we're already bubbling.
Drop into ‘Norea Son’ for some twisted electronic frolicking with moog basslines, arpeggiated synths, warm keys and hands in the air vocal drops all mixed to a climactic degree.
Turn over and get deep in the dubbed out lofi italo of‘Ramblings Of A Madman’. Electro rhythms meet insistent moog riffs whilst being worked by a glassy eyed ghostly MC.
End the session with ‘Frost’. Wallow on the downbeat with a cinematicesque heavily sedated groove, all analgized melodies and twinkling keys . Think ‘The Enforcer’ on ketamine and you’re half way there.

Certified mutant rave movements !   


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1. Mearsk - Ill Bosco

2. Norea - Ill Bosco

3. Ramblings Of A Madman - Ill Bosco

4. Frost - Ill Bosco

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